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  • Free vs. Paid Labor Law Posters: What is the Difference?

    Free vs. Paid Labor Law Posters What is the Difference - RBSK PayrollFree labor law posters are ones you find online, download, and print out yourself.

    Free posters may sound enticing, but most owners might find the risks are not worth it.


    In addition to keeping up with federal requirements, every state has requirements that may be tough to track down. Some local counties and states even have their own laws you'll need to post.

    Moreover, there’s a chance you could miss one.

    Finding, downloading, and printing each poster can be a time-consuming process for an owner.


    You could face fines if your posters don't meet the standards on sizing and typeface. If you use the free, downloadable posters - you might end up with versions that are not truly up to code.

    Paid posters not only ensure you remain compliant, but they also come laminated. Having laminated posters makes sure your posters avoid normal wear and tear and look more professional in your workplace.


    Updates and changes in labor laws happen frequently and you’ll need to be sure you have the current posters to stay compliant. Websites that provide free posters may not update them fast enough to keep your business compliant.

    Even worse, there are misleading places on the internet that claim to have free (or even paid!) versions you can download that aren't actually compliant with local, state and federal laws. 

    How We Can Help

    You can save time and ensure compliance by using RBSK Payroll's labor law poster services. We guarantee that all the most up-to-date employment laws will be included and we'll also notify you about changes and updates to posters throughout the year.

    Remove the legwork and logistics headaches, let us keep you updated by contacting us today.


    We offer custom packages that are cost-effective - but in order to give you an accurate price we need to know a little more about your business. Get your customized quote today!
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    Labor law posting can change any time of the year and it's mandatory that employers stay up-to-date. Our team keeps you automatically updated with notifications that specifically impact you.
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